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Writing Blockers

April 18, 2020

I had a spate of writing from when I moved to London, until I finished a number of cycling challenges around 2013. I have always looked back with a fondness to write more, but always faced some challenges.

Noted quickly, off the top of my head:

  • Subject matters
  • Caution of writing about proprietary stuff
  • Not having the time
  • Too difficult to get started
  • Feeling like what I have to say surely can’t be important to anyone

    • So why bother writing in the first place
  • Timeliness

I will write about these in the order that they are addressed.


I have often found there something sticky about writing a blog. Why is it dated and what if I wish to change my opinion on something.

I’ve been inspired by My blog is a digial garden, not a blog (Joel Hooks) who was in turn inspired by Building a digital garden (Tom Critchlow).

What these 2 demonstrate is that there is another way to organise thoughts.

Date is arbitrary in a way. I’m happy to write about something one day, but I expect to eventually change my mind, and want to be free to update the point-of-vew.

From now on, this is not a blog. It is my personal website. Whatever that means. I don’t even need to decide now, I’ll come back to that!

Too Difficult to Get Started

I’ll admit this next section may only be appropriate for those who know a bit of programming.

I don’t make it easy for myself…

I write everything as plain text, if you are not sure what that looks like then take a quick look at this posts raw content on GitHub! You see what I mean?

There is also a bit of house keeping in order to start a new post, not just a simple click of a button. Therefore I have written a script which quicklycreates a template for now posts - check it out!

What I Say Isn’t Important to Anyone

All that matters from now in is whether I am interested in what I am writing.

More to come.

I am Matt Canty, an engineer of varying titles who helps tech companies run reliable and fault-tolerant software platforms. Just send me an email:

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