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Breaking the Fuzz

November 12, 2020

I hate to admit it, but I am developing a bit of a trend.

It’s a mental health trend.

One where for several weeks or a month at a time I am down and out.

  • No exercise
  • Eating badly
  • Not enjoying my day at work
  • Questioning every thought on my mind

One thing has proven itself twice now:

Getting up early and at the same time every day.

All I need to do it raise at 7am. I do it if I have no plans. I’ll sit in the living room, waiting for the mood to take me.

A Morning Raising at 7

Before I know it the kettle is on. Might as well have a brew. Might as well ask Jane if she wants a brew. Watch a little TV. Read a little Hacker News. Look into that programming idea I had. Go for a walk. Go for a run.

Most of that can be achieved in 2 hours before work (Caveat: no kids). Not all of it, sometimes only the brew and a little tele.

It’s a casual easy morning by default.

 A Morning Raising For Work

Compare that to a morning where you get up just for work. The minimal is done. Just enough time to get washed and dressed. Not quite enough time for breakfast. No time for any hobbies or exercise.

This means you start a day’s work on the wrong foot. Compound the fact you might not be enjoying your days at work at the moment. You have a big problem.

The end of your working day you will have catching up to do. What’s worse is you probably pick up a little energy in the evening and cannot get to sleep.

It’s a stressful and unwanted morning by default.

Get up to go to Sleep

I get up in the morning because it sets the day in motion. I sleep better. My breakfast is at a regular time. I have more time for exercise.

These 3 things alone are fundamental to feel good literally and feeling good about yourself.


  1. Keep it going at the weekend - There is a TV programme at 7am on Sunday which is a guilty pleasure of mine, I watch that every week.
  2. No phones in the bedroom. You’ve heard this one before. It really works.
  3. No snooze on the alarm! If you know this is your 1-and-only alarm then you better stay up.
  4. Put your exercise gear out by your phone in the evening - when you wake up put it on.
  5. Do not worry about getting to bed. The 1st day might be a little rough, but after that it is automatic… You will be tired.

I hope all of this helps someone one day. I’m feeling better just a few days into revisiting this way of being.

Works wonders mate.

Keep it up.

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