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Totally my first blog… Procrast’s Finest Hour

May 27, 2011

Need to think of a good first word to say, although perhaps I missed my chance.

I am currently procrastinating to an incredible level. It’s my final year at university, and the final month or so. A report is due next Friday morning and there is a lot to do! The really stupid thing is I’m not terribly keen on writing, so to procrastinate by writing is pushing the boat out and over the edge.

Everyone I speak to seems to have stories about what they’ve done instead of they should have been doing. For example my cousin tells me during revision for his masters – or something, he and his housemates set up an intercom system between every room in the house. And I took the picture below on a Wednesday evening, when an exam was at 1400 the next day – was on my way to see Billy Elliot the Musical, very good.

For those unaware of the significance – everyone, Google says that its 241 miles from Buckingham Palace to Lancaster University – taking the M1 to Watford and then change to the M6 straight to Lancaster.

So anyway, I must keep this short as guilt is building, here’s to all us purveyors of the gallantry sport of procrastination. This will probably be my only post as when I’ve finished there will be no desire to make such bad management of my time.

Back to researching Integrated Development Environments and Software Development Kits and delights of cats on Youtube…


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