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May 31, 2011

Well, good afternoon as I just said. Report writing is going just fine – perhaps.

Since writing the previous and first entry I’ve had a right bout of illness. A wisdom tooth coming through which has perhaps spurred on a right chesty cough and dripping nose. Also combined with that a right belter of a tummy bug 3 days ago. So it could be said that I got nothing done, well you’d be right as far as my report.

To keep my head clear, I got down to some exciting Android coding, I’m very new to it but seemed to have pulled of something which could be exciting – for me at least. Although testing it is going to be a problem as it seems my phone has given up on GPS which is a core feature to my application. The main problem is I haven’t been outside since Thursday – now Monday – so I’ll give it a try when I go to meet my project mentor shortly. When a basic version has been produced I will be sure to make it available online free of charge somewhere, following some short registration process so I can devour your feedback.

Anyway, you guessed it I’ve started writing my report again, which has led to the production of another blog entry…


My good home-bro Nick and I came up with the premise of a new Youtube channel called Epic Game Time. It involves playing a game to a ridiculous extent, being funny and filming it for the entertainment of others. He’s producing the first video of us playing a 99 minute battle on the Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl. I hope its good, I couldn’t help you see as I’m writing… my… report… …

Yeah. Epic Life Time, that would be my channel. Going, BYE!

PS Completely forgot about the whole purpose of this blog entry which was to talk about my desire to speak some eastern language such as Chinese or Japanese – check the title. HA. Never mind, there is always next time.


うんち …hehe 私は面白いよ

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