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Howden Jones Video

June 23, 2011

Hey You.

Just got back from a successful day of filming at Trevor Towers across the other end of Lancaster. I’d been asked by HowdenJones (Twitter, Website, Facebook) to do a similar job as with this Quay Change video…

I’ve accepted of course, and now there is over 5GB of video, 800MB of audio and 53 photographs. All in delicious black and white for colourphobics. You can see the photographs here (Picasa Web Album) already!

Before I arrived the audio equipment was already set up by Trevor who got advice from Mick Armistead – although they did get moved before these snaps were taken, and unfortunately no-one could remember how to set them back! The desired mic setup was meant to be the ORTF layout, which should see them facing away from each other 100 degrees 17cm apart.


which were then plugged into channels one and two of this little beauty…


A Marantz Professional Solid State Recorder. Simple as pressing a button. Once we had finished the audio was extracted by USB, ready for me to have a butchers (literally with the video).

The filming was all done on my Panasonic Lumix TZ10. The black and white option works fantastic for high quality indoor recording. And although it lacks manual focus and is restricted to mechanical zoom, its certainly up for the job. The video settings were on H for High, as opposed to Super High or Low. I may or may not use some of the audio captured by the camera’s built-in microphone.

The Trevor that is Wagstaff, appeared at the camera-recharging-well-placed-half-time-cup-of-tea moment, and subsequently joined the HowdenJones pair with percussion. Ranging from bongos, a floor tom, cymbal, shaker and bashing keys in his pocket to great effect.

So there you have it, stage one of the process. Next on the agenda is to find some suitable software, probably Sony Vegas Pro, they offer a decent enough trial period. Otherwise I may be out to purchase! Who knows, I’ll write back.

Further details, comments, discussion, please comment, or tweet me.


PS Actually enjoyed writing this blog. First time for everything.

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