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August 15, 2011

This is simply a blog post with videos of this extraordinarily cute cat called Maru. It’s for all of us who love cats.

I’ve put them together for my niece Erin, as she laughed so much the first time I showed her them. Hopefully others will find this a priceless resource of enjoyment.

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I am Maru.

Maru introduction video–the most popular video.


The box which Maru can’t enter.

Maru trying to get into to a wine bottle box


Big box for a big cat 🙂 – WAIT TILL THE END!


Many too small boxes and Maru.

All too entertaining


A box and Maru 8.

I’d not seen this one before.


Maru is relaxed on the sofa.

Maru getting relaxed helps me relax


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