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Edinburgh Fringe – What I went to see where

August 23, 2011

NB what you are about to read is not a review.


The Journey Chaff

Started about 8.30am in Brixton, headed to the tube station and took the Victoria Line as far as Stockwell to change onto Northern Line for Kings Cross. Jane said “taraa then” at Stockwell too. Train was on time at 10am. Bought myself a BLT, flapjack, bottle of water, an ‘i’ newspaper and a copy of the most recent Private Eye. Also had with me Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan and Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. Sadly I finished the Naked Economics book before the train had left Kings Cross, so I set to work on the i, followed by the Private i(eye). Following the glorious snacks I purchased I got stuck into Musicophilia, a great book so far, and full of amazing true stories – a must read if you’re wondering why songs get stuck in your head, for example – good friend Nick’s video.

Anyway nuffa that tripe. Arrived at un-sunny Edingerburger at 1422 and power walked it over to the Paylor house-hold, where Paylor expectedly said “I thought it would be you” even though I tried so hard to surprise. Following this we did some stuff, although I can’t remember any of it – apart from we bought gin+tonic and noodles. Following this we set off (and got quite lost) on the first outing to see…

The Thyme Machine

The main reason I had come, playing in the Wee Red Bar somewhere in the Edinburgh University Campus. Caught the tail end of Ste Hudson and then were greeted by Tom’s highly robotisized – and well impressive - voice introducing the show, shortly followed by Kriss with “hello everybody”. A very very and possible very very very entertaining show with it all going on. Mad short songs and a party atmosphere. Good too meet everyone there and some new/old faces too. I won some scampi fries.

Post Thyme Machine Destruction

So yeah it got messy after that, but a really good messy. Headed first of all over to The Banshees which became a regular spot throughout my stay. In the pole dancing – yes pole dancing – room in the depths of its caves, and drank some Guiness. Then it was over to another bar where Karaoke was in full swing. I sadly declined the inviting offer to get involved, believe me I saved everyone’s lives. This didn’t stop Ste Hudson giving a brilliant award winning rendition of I Feel Good and a not so inspiring whilst hugely entertaining Harry Dog gave us Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen.

After this it all gets hazy, I’ll go with quick facts. Went to Sneaky Petes, there was reggae, there was a stage, we danced on it, there was Jager, there was Harry Dogs flexing, there was arguing the same side of an argument for a long time with Andy, and there was crashing at about 5.

It was a bit of a game changer that one.


Well I woke up feeling like beep.

Hauled out of bed about 12 as dads train was pulling in at 1221 or 1222. Power-walked in a momentous near-straight line towards Waverly, stopping off to buy an organic-fair-trade-everything-which-is-good-for-you energy drink – didn’t work. Met dad, and it seemed only right to seek out coffee and that’s what we did. Good coffee. Then some stuff, followed by…

This Next One is About Putting Salt in Your Tea

Ace show from these guys, just three of them though. Excuse my ignorance but I think I’m right in saying Byron Vincent wasn’t there. The rest were great though. Very funny indeed.

After this, I think my dad, Andy and I went to catch a coffee at Black Medicine and well nice it was!

Wandered around the streets checking stuff out here with dad after that and eventually led him off to the station as I had to run over too…

Frank Sanazi’s Comedy Blitz


Piss your pants funny. Go watch him, if you have an iron sense of humour.

Can’t remember after this, but next I went to see…

Kunt and the Gang


Whatever’s-left your pants funny. More so that Sanazi, this guy was not appreciated by one of our companions. Epic toilet/boob/sex humour. Everything about him is NSFW.

Likewise memory has escaped me again, think I just went to bed. Needed it.


Woke up fresher on this day.

Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation

This is the only show I paid up front for, recommended by our Harry Dog and Kerri. Also read one of his books, but can’t remember which one. Very funny show, although not as side splitting as some other things I saw. Think the payment was necessary for the venue, stage, and I guess him. Different to standard stand-up comedy, and made exceptional use of his main prop.

Met up with the Diffs+co at Bannerman’s just down from The Banshee. Decided to take a risk on the following…

Hormones and a Homo

Flabberghastingly un-funny. Apart from the last guy. He was funny. I can’t remember anything he said or who he was – he wasn’t actually listed on the bill.

After this we did wander a plenty, over to the Pleasance Courtyard then over to the Underbelly and almost back again. Before picking up an inspired flyer for this…

Alistair Greaves Mixed Grill

This show was ace, even though it didn’t contain Alistair Greaves. Highly recommended comedians here, I’ll never forget being told:

So my friend couldn’t make the festival this year, couldn’t afford the train ticket


lost his job you see



That guy was mental, he went on to prove that wearing a bucket on your head renders you immortal.

Went to sit-in chippy, Tom and Claire took on the national dish, battered haggis, whereas I took on the haddock, with a can of Bru on the side. Sliced white bread all round.

Simply The Jest

Really talented young group, only lacking in material sometimes. Obviously got potential, and were working a packed crowd in the Banshee Labyrinth. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the all male Yorkshire tribute to Destinys Child.

Following this show the last of my companions went off to catch buses and trains to their hotels. But Andy would be shortly finishing work. I tried to get into a show called SPANK which I had been too late to buy tickets for. In the process I kept getting well lost in the Underbelly on Cowgate – incidentally wished I’d spent more time in there too. From what I hear it was a great show, which finished at something like 3am. Instead met up with Andy P and went to Bannerman’s for some last pints of Guiness, before heading back for a bit of reggae and tennants.


Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, found my way downstairs and drank a cup, looking up I noticed I was on time. Found my coat grabbed my bag, made the train in seconds flag? Found my seat and ate a Sub, somebody spoke and went to a dream. Aahhhhhh aaahhhhh ah ah ahhh, aahhhhha ahhha hhhhh aahahh ahahah aahaahhhaahahahh ahahhahahahahahahhhhhhaaahhh


I woke up in London, Journey end.

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