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End 2 End : And Other Stuff

November 15, 2011

Hello. How are you? I’m fine, thanks for asking.

Glad that’s done.

Well first things first – I’ve gone and applied for something mental, but many people have already done it so its not that mental. I am taking part in the End 2 End challenge for Action Medical Research. Its a 1000 mile bike ride over 10 days from Lands End to John o’ Groats – do the math.

Obviously I’m going to need lots of support – both financialy for the charity, and encouragement for the preparation. I’m not expecting a flood of donations right now as I don’t intend to promote until after Christmas. Although if you do feel you would like to donate now, please do!

As well as taking part in the challenge, I intend to record all the data I collect from training from my cycle computer (when I get one). I haven’t got exact plans but I’m sure there will be Google Graphs and some other such exciting things. I suppose it will provide many writing opportunities too.

Quick run of facts then –

It took me a long time to write that for some reason. A very important note for all my friends is that the half-way point is in fact LANCASTER! How good is that. Fingers crossed we may be able to have a pint in The Lion that evening.

Time for a video break?

Excited about this? I know I most certainly am. It looks like a remake of San Andreas but I certainly can’t complain about that – being one of the greatest free roaming games ever created. The graphics look like they’re going back to a previous GTA style unlike the ridiculous GTA 4 video requirements which blew up one of my computers. My plan is to get a PS3 especially for this game. Thom Bleasdale and Nick Latham, I will meet you on the battlefields – and hopefully others!

So yeah sorry, not much else to write about. Been to see Death and The Maiden (not good), The Woman in Black (scary!), Backbeat (brilliant) and Matilda (AMAZING).

Tired now, works a funny old thing init.


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