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April 03, 2012


Its a bit of a whinge this time everyone. Mid to late March didn’t quite pan out the way I intended to say the least…

On Tuesday night following a particularly heavy weekend in Lancaster – you all know who you are! – my bike wheels were stolen. It was a right bummer that day, all the training I had planned ruined. Made it much harder to reach the gym for some reason too, who wants to get off a bus?…

So there they weren’t anymore, and off to the shop it went. All seemed good when they rang me. Wheels were replaced and it wasn’t going to be the biggest loss of wallet girth. But then they rang back and informed me that the frame was buckled slightly – rendering it scrap. So then I started thinking well this is all getting a bit shit isn’t it!

When I got the shop I asked something along the lines of ((£wheels + £frame) > £newBike ?) and they said true.

So I got a new bike.

You Gadda be Kiddin Me!

So yes I got a new bike, and flippin’ heck it was quick. And this time no chances were being taken locking it up. D-Locked to the wall, nice thick cable round the wheels, covered up and insured immediately. Yoga, sleep, wake-up, WHEELS GONE AGAIN! and saddle.

So yeah it wasn’t a very good start really. Lost a lot of training miles considering I’d been in Lancaster the weekend before it all happened.

Pain – it goes on…

I seem to have got myself some dull knee pain, the best I can self diagnose is Chondromalacia Patellae. Probably due to pushing too far too soon with a big ride after all that time off – also partying all night probably didn’t help either, more about that in a moment.

I’ve bought myself a knee strap based on multiple sources of information across the internet, but won’t be hanging all my hopes on it. I have my first ever century next Sunday, and I’d rather not have to pull out. My best option may simply be to not ride until next Saturday, do 30 miles prep and perhaps select the 100km – instead of miles – route instead. If anyone has any good advice on this please leave a comment.

Cheer Up

I could hardly leave on such a bleak set of thoughts. So here’s what is good. I have a bike now and here it is!

Hi, you must be reading this in 2018. I will eventually find the pictures and reupload them. If you see this message, do pop me an email.

Also last Saturday night was the epic party of Jan & Ann! The Musical… . It was Guilty Pleasures at Koko with the theme of Musical Theatre and everyone turned out reet good. I went as a convincing scarecrow with real straw for straw. It was like this.

Also seen Sweeney Todd, Shrek the Musical and Noises Off all of which were brilliant. Noises Off is especially recommended by me.

All right yeah bye


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