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Training 2 and London Life 2... 3?

April 03, 2012

Evening all…

I’d best kick off with a round up of the sponsorship progress.

The most glorious of thanks goes out to Grandad, Dad, The Wilkinsons (Paul, Anabela and Carlota), Meriel and David, Uncle Colin and Auntie Eileen, Maisie, Sandra Thornberry, Frederick Binley, Dave Hipkin, Trevor Seymour, Harry Dog, Ritchie Emery and Alison (for a futon?).

Also there are many more who have made their donations through the sweepstake I have been running at work with the help of Joe Hyames. It has been a complete success and therefore looks like I’ll have to run another one to get the top floor involved. Thanks to everyone who is taking part – if you wish to bribe me with cash please let me know.

Wanna be involved like? If you’re in Lancaster and fancy winning money in the name of charity (and by all means do keep your winnings) I am trying to get an identical raffle started at a certain pub where what I once worked at. Rules are as follows.

  • Cash prize = 20% takings
  • £5 per ticket
  • Randomly allotted time slot
  • if(myTime >= yourLowerTimeBraket && myTime <= yourUpperTimeBraket) Win(you)
  • Ace


And what would fund raising be without a stomping great gig at your favourite function room east of the Lancaster Canal? Yeah that’s right I’m in the midst of organising a right good get together of some top Lancaster folk who really know how to get you on your feet. Be there or have four sides of equal length.

WHAT – Fund raising gig, music, dancing, food, everyone you know, very good times.

WHERE – The Gregson Centre, Moor Lane, Lancaster.

WHEN – 12th May, 2012. Doors TBC (expect 8pm though)

WHY – For charity like…

HOW – Much? I feel a minimum donation of £5 shouldn’t be too unreasonable for a guaranteed floor shaker. ALL proceeds will be going directly to charity. ALSO it is my full intention to finish around eleven thirty so those who like to get a pint in at their usual holes can do so with great ease.

Training and Stuff…

Same old really, same old.

Done a smooth 80 miles this weekend. 30 miles yesterday (Sat) and 50 miles today. Check out the GPS links: – SAT, 30 miles – SUN, 50 miles

Also this weekend made some investments on the bike. Got some of those clippy in pedals, nice pair of cleated cycling trainers (ones which don’t prevent you from walking all odd), some fingerless summer gloves, and a incredibly cool Brixton Cycles cycling jacket. So the riding was slightly hampered by having to make adjustments here and there to saddle and cleats – but think I have it just right now. Incidentally the new gear seems to require a slightly different muscle set, such that today and yesterday felt incredibly hard going. However when I look back, it seems I am much, much quicker!


I’ve been up to some stuff. I am a bit to tired right now to really delve into my memory, so I’m just going to run over some of the highlights in my calendar for you.

Starting from Christmas, don’t wanna hear about old shit right?

The Shows

Slava Snow Show: A real odd one. But I really enjoyed it. Strange kind of clowning around, with people in bonkers outfits doing things which I can only describe as random. The real highlight was the end, shortly after being blown in the face with confetti, bright white light and loud music, about 10 HUGE helium filled balloons were passed out to the audience. A real spectacle of a show, if not completely brain splittingly mental. I approve!

Cirque Du Soleil: Despite being seated just past the north circular, the Totem show at the Albert Hall was quite stunning. Bit random at times (I said it again!), but entertaining still. Not much to say really, we all know what Cirque is, Google it!

These Things Happen: Very entertaining show, written by an unheard of writer, with an ambitious score and orchestra for the size of the performance. Look out for the chaps name though. He’s clearly a clever chap. It was an opera about the love lives of four couples, most appealing for its striking similarity to real life.

Stomp: You just have to go and see them if you haven’t. Its a shame you have kinda seen it once you’ve seen – y’know… But it is a real winner with kids, they bloody loved it!

The Houdini Experience: Full on entertainment brought on by many ladies climbing out of a infinitely spacious box. Plus the old getting sliced up in a box, swords pushed through boxes, escaping from a straight jacket whilst hanging upside down, the light bulb trick (I think I got that one figured out) and the perhaps even more impressive slack-tight-rope walker and uni-cycling-on-his-head, and a few other shows of incredible strength. So much entertainment for my eyes, and Jane’s.

The Other Bits

Highgate Cemetery (very interesting, recommended), visiting the one and only Joe Lobley in his native village of Bethnal Green where we were shown around some of his lands highlights (including a working farm), The Niteflights gig (with school friend Adam Hartley plucking the fender), The Feud and The Borderline (which turned out into an actual night out) and finally my brilliant sister Katy visited us Friday night (so we went for a beer and a laugh, ha).

Just a note, my calendar informs me it is St David’s Day in a few days too. WELL WADDAYA KNOW!

Cor blimey right, I’ll let you go. Surely you have something to do by now like getting stuck going round Wikipedia. Some links below. Sorry it was a bit picture-less Bye bye.

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