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My First Century!!! +6

April 16, 2012

Here it is in all its shining glory! <– Click here for map/details

Quick Facts

  • 3 x road-kill – Badger, Deer and Peacock!
  • Rode for a while with two chaps – Martin and Simon if you’re out there – who, just before I arrived were talking about how MENTAL you’d have to be to do the Lands End 2 John O’Groats ride…
  • Ate a lot of brie.
  • The morning was terry-frickingly cold, literally chattering on the starting line.
  • Total time, 8 hours 19 minutes / Actual riding time 7 hours 30 minutes.
  • Got lost once, resulting in a 6 mile extra which at the time was not really what I wanted.
  • Lots of fields out there.
  • My knees now hurt, doctors tomorrow, need my bike fitting checking, no riding for at least a week! Got to recover before building up some steam for the Le2Jog challenge.

So there it is, there isn’t a terrible lot to say unless I was to go into detail about each crank of the crank – but that would get tedious. Basically just rode and rode, but didn’t seem like forever really. Great laugh and glad I did it. Will be doing the Castle 100 I hope in a few weeks time to make sure I’m ready for the biggie.

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