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Gregson Fund Raising

May 13, 2012

The Gig

How do there, on my home on the train, Contemplating how tired I am and what a success last night was. As I’m on the iPad there won’t be any pictures as they’re just too complicated to fathom. Here is a quick run down though…

Quay Change started is off with the wonderful Jane Dodson on the voclette. Fred Binley charmed the crowds and rapturous applause ended each number which was to become a theme of the evening. Next The Duo brought in their folk meets Floyd set. Superbly executed jigs flowing into high quality Pink Floyd acoustic replicas. The night met with its harder edge thanks to Mitford Rebel who went down a storm. They brought all original material to the table with pro execution, and so kindly gave their CDs away for a small extra contribution to the evening. Paul Rhodes came next brandishing a new guitar and material I had not yet heard – however he still pulled Strawberry Fields out of the bag. Glad Paul took my offer to play and pulled off the penultimate slot of the night. So here we are at the final section of the gig, a totally selfish move if I may say so, Simply Fred everyone. Fred, Nick and Ian combined with myself and Jane played like our last gig was only yesterday. Great to see everyone up and dancing for us, it was such a great end.

In the end we raised £251. Super special thanks to those people who donated a little extra, I think I know who you are – ye get a smile from me.

2 Weeks To Go

So now it’s close. I mean really close. Just one more weekend of training, two more weeks of gym/yoga/after-work-cycling to go! Bike service Tuesday, and I get my second pro bike fitting on Wednesday to make sure those all important cleats are in the right place.

Considering a visit to Box Hill this weekend to give the Olympic hill climb a going over and perhaps another city tour…

So yeah, thanks for coming to the gig if you were there, if you’re looking for that donation link try this (this link may not be correct but I’ll test it when I get home!)

Once again please follow my Facebook page in order to keep track of my progress on the actual event.


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