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To The Back of The Peloton

May 25, 2012

Edit: Hey ho, this is a bit sad. Having moved my blog from WordPress to Blogger and subsequently back again it seems I have lost all of these photographs. I’ll leave the post up, but there may be some strange continuity errors – and no photos…

I still don’t really believe that I’m of in the morning on this crazy challenge. Hopefully all is now set – got my packing lists, and just a few more key ingredients need to be purchased. Then to the train and good-bye comfort for 9 days! Here’s to good weather as I haven’t managed to get the all important water-proof shoe covers.

But here below is definitely a picture of the bike I will be riding, with all the extra bits I’ll be needing to get me there. More details below – scroll scroll!

Ta’ Like Loads

Hugest thank-you to all of you donating to the cause. Really can’t believe how far it has now come. Just broken through the £2000 barrier today, and I have yet more cash ready to whack up there pronto. Fully aware of a few people out there who still intend to donate and I look forward to it. Here is the link.

What Gear?

So what about all the gear, shurly you musht need shome schweet gear?? Well ‘ere it is!

  • Shoes with SPD cleats, seemed like a comfortable fit and were on offer so snapped ‘em up. Worked out really well so far – can’t fault them.
  • Summer and winter gloves. I know the weather has just gone pretty marvellous but there’s not much to stop it reverting, especially in the tops of Scotland.
  • A helmet. Just a helmet. Protect your head.
  • Two 500ml water bottles. I tend to have a bottle of water and a bottle of whatever energy supplement is on offer.
  • Glasses with range of lenses for differing light levels. Not actually used these on the road yet, but going out for a ride last Saturday five small creatures met their maker through my eye balls.
  • Big saddle bag for putting lots of things in. Flapjacks mainly.
  • The dreaded repair kit. Taking bets now for how many punctures I get! Don’t worry though, I am a practical lad.
  • Finally the Garmin. Recording every bump and turn. I’ll be sure to publish each and every ride as soon as I get back. That means completing the whole thing of course! I’m using Strava to manage my rides at the moment and it extracts a lot of interesting data.

So there it all is. I’m off in the morning and I start riding on Sunday! No internet for over a week – that’s the real challenge.


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