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One Year In

August 01, 2012

It is a year to the day since I move to London. And I can say with some confidence its been good – if not better… If not better still.


August and September I went to interviews, eventually sealing a job as a Software Developer. Visited the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and explored London almost entirely – as I could! Also went to Ibiza with Jane. October till Christmas I got used to the work and passed through the probation well. Ended the year in Lancaster with everyone back home – anyone who was there will remember the rendition of Fairytale of New York in the Golden Lion AM I RIGHT? I also signed up for the Land’s End to John O’Groats ride in this time. January through till May was all about training for the big ride. That’s what most of this blog has been about really. May, June & July included the massive ride and then a step into a comparative lull in the year – getting back on it tomorrow though, read on!


I’m heading back towards some education now, albeit soft-core compared to a degree and the sort. It’s a 10 week course in Machine Learning from Stanford University starting on 20th August. I can expect a certificate which may or may not be CV worthy but either way I should be able to take something from it myself.

I think I’ll try to use this blog as a way of aiding my learning on this course. So sorry if you get bored reading about what I’m doing. I will try to make it interesting and fun to read which might actually help me in the end.


What, you thought I’d finished?

Getting back on the bike. Signed up to volunteer for Action and therefore I will be helping out on the London to Brighton ride in September. I will then take part, as well as riding the Surrey 100 the weekend before. Training will start tomorrow, determined to get some extra speed and I’ve been reading up on how to do so.

Not sure what to aim for though? Average speed over given miles or under a time for the whole day including breaks… Probably the latter, so will have to do some maths and work out what a reasonable target is in a month, as without a target I seem to find it far too easy to sit around being lazy.


That’s all for now. I know it appears as if I’ve ceased to be since stepping from my pedals, but I’m still around. Certainly felt like I was up to a lot more before the ride! Time to get back on it!

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