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Quick Life Update

October 10, 2012

Hi ho. Got back from Italy yesterday and had a great time.

Trying to think back to my blog post – I know I could go and look – and I think I said I would be doing a course in machine learning and joining a cycling club. In the following post I hope to share what has been going on to prevent everything I planned for, and shed some light on what I’ve been up to as replacement.

Don’t worry, it’s all good.

Machine Learning

Well what a fool I may have been. Although it wasn’t that bad, it’s just, there is more things to do at the moment which I would much rather be doing. It was a good insight into what a strange world real mathematics is, but not for me I think. I’d rather use what these models can produce and put them to some good use.

It got a bit complicated once I fell around a week behind and realised that catching up would miss out on cycling, musicals, evenings and such.

I would do another one though, but perhaps more centred around programming or computer science which is more like me. If you’d like to know what I’m on about check out either:

Dulwich Paragon – and Cycling

So, the Dulwich Paragon… Sorry guys. I know I said I’d see you again in a fortnight, but here I am 6 weeks later and even this weekend I won’t be able to join! Saturdays just are not going well at the moment – only in terms of cycling.

I did however go on the London to Brighton ride with Action Medical Research, I also volunteered to help with registration in morning. This voluntary action, may have been part of the chain of events which led to the most amazing cramp I have ever experienced. Basically I just didn’t prepare with enough liquids and carbs in the morning. My legs in changed shape just below the knee on the inside and decided they could no longer bend, kind of fun when your still going along but would have been better off without.

Luckily a couple of guys pulled over and plied me with carbohydrate gel and isotonic drink. The muscles never really recovered during the ride, although as you will see from the Strava link above, I still managed a fair pace of 15mph. It could have been so much more!

Anyway, next year I will be going on a coast to coast ride. 150 miles in one day, including 4500m of climbing. And just to really take the piss, the riders I’m going with are over interested in cycling back the next day. Well what would I be if I declined their challenge! – normal.

London and the Like

It was 1st August since I last made a post and I just had a quick look at calendar – been having too much fun –

  • Hedda Gabler at The Old Vic – starring Sheridan Smith! Forgot my glasses but still an impressive play.
  • THE PARALYMPICS! Yes Jane and I thanks to a competition at her work bagged tickets to watch Thrilling Thursday in the stadium itself! We were there when David Weir, Jonnie Peacock and Hannah Cockroft won GOLD.
  • Cycled London to Brighton in under 4 hours (riding time) – see above.
  • Watched War Horse. Amazing must see!
  • Went for a swing dance lesson at Market House on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton, look forward to getting back to it next Monday.
  • Watched Let It Be. An elaborate Beatles cover show, just songs but they do very well. “George Harrison” really steals the show with the While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ Eric Clapton solo.
  • Then we went to Italy! You’ll have to wait for my next post for that though, was going to stick it on the end of this one but it just wouldn’t look right…

So that is all. I have been busy, but very happy. Looks like we’re not about to stop either, as, sorry to say this out loud, Christmas approaches. I’m already thinking of what to play on the eve in the pub. Suggestions on a postcard.

Speak soon.

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