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Facing the Music!

March 10, 2013

It’s been getting quite musical down here – and I’m not talking about Jane’s work.

Ever since Sally gave me that bollocking for not being a musician a whole new era of life in London has started.

It’s not just me. Jane recently joined a band called The Obscuritones. An energetic rockabilly group who needed another vocalist. Can’t wait to hear them live, so far all I’ve really heard is Jane mumbling them whilst listening on her headphones…

I’ve been working with a group called Dear Joy,. The lineup has been dynamic with Lou – the mastermind behind the band – putting together groups varying on availability and suitability.

Even in this short space of time I’ve travelled around so much more of London and met so many interesting folks. Our cellist, Maria. Drummer, Raphael. Producer, Steve. The French bassist Victor.

I’m in the bus now. The one three three, getting off at Borough to watch my friends Ottersgear at The Gladstone Arms. Pretty tired though.

Wrote this on my phone! Go future!

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