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Happy New Year!

February 06, 2013

Good Eve

Hello Blog, sorry for not writing a single word since I cooked that wonderful pie – back in October!

I’ve been up to some stuff and that. Most notably the music, finally. Will get onto that after a quick up to dating.

If you’re reading this on the day I posted please note I will be adding some pictures soon.


So, I’m going to look at my calendar and see what was interesting…

My property completed, unbelievably I am now a bona-fide landlord. Doesn’t mean to say anything has changed, just have this little flat ticking away up north. Whoodathunk it?

  • Quite an epic few weeks as it all happened shortly after getting back from Italy, then I had to do all the deciding who was going to manage the letting and such. Going all right so far, no news == good news? Hoping so…
  • Maisie, the other person who lives in the house in which I live, went on the Obama campaign – in Las Vegas, quite an epic journey, and she (he) won! She wrote a well kept blog, more than I ever could keep but I guess she was doing something quite interesting, go over and have a look: … Can’t find it…
  • Went to watch Have I Got News For You. And will definitely be trying to get tickets to something similar again soon. Amazing to see how it happens behind the scenes, and then to see how different it is once edited – much funnier on TV.

That’s all?


Oh yeah, Christmas was ace. Went through Fairytale of New York at The Golden Lion on Christmas Eve – starting a tradition. Spent plenty of time with fire/beer/whiskey and friends. Also had an ace day out with Harry Dog, Paylor and Joel – breakfast at The Gregson, Wildlife Oasis, cinema, bowling, pie, beer. Was like a kids birthday.


Let us get onto the music. Sooooo – the long story – when I went to Manchester back in November I was out with my sister and her mates. Her good friend Sally had a right rant at me for not playing bass. And good for her, as I when I got home I smacked a cracking ad on Gumtree saying “I’m a bass player! Let me play!”

I got many responses. There was the vaguely good-ish/bad, bad and ugly, and that was pretty much it apart from a Lou Dolubu/Vilstrup (sorry Lou not sure how to refer to you) who thankfully got in touch. People always ask me what kind of music is it, and I’d go towards Norah Jones/Eva Cassidy/Lianne La Havas, but then there is lot more off beat than all of them.

You’ll just have to come and watch us. We’re called Dear Joy – lookout for us!

We have played a gig together with a cellist, drummer and keyboard player. Went down really well at a popular London venue – The Half Moon (Putney). Still working away now, regularly rehearsing and hopeful of the direction things are going – even started doing a bit of singing.

All the. Small Things.

I’m still working. I haven’t cycled much at all – been too cold and wet. Still doing yoga.

Anyway, that’ll do for now. Just scratching my head after getting a final notification for a council tax bill a month late. Didn’t even give me a chance.

I’ll sort it.

In a bit!

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